Holiday Time: To Show Or Not To Show?

by Sarah Ashton, Broker Associate, Re/Max of the Islands

Your home is on the market and you would really like it sold. Prior to showings you always make sure that the house is neat and looks great. However, during the holidays you have guests and family in and out and it is really inconvenient to have the house “ready” for prospective buyers to see it. What do you do? – Not allow the showing? Have the prospect see the house messy?


Buyers who have taken the effort to work with their Realtor, to interrupt their island visit, particularly during a holiday visit, are very likely serious buyers. Sure, it would be preferable for them to see the property spanking clean and picked up but honestly – they can understand visitors coming to the islands to get out of the cold.

What to do.

Be sure the fact you have visitors is communicated to your listing agent and that you want any requested showings to be honored. Be sure they know to convey this information to the showing agent – set expectations!

Be sure to let your visitors know that the property is for sale and that a showing may be requested AND that you would appreciate their help in picking up should a showing be scheduled.

Have a plan for where you can all go if a showing is requested. If you decide that going to lunch is good then schedule the showing for lunchtime.

Focus on cleaning/picking up the big stuff. Dirty dishes in the dishwasher and laundry in the hamper please!

Remember – many condo buyers can only see available condos on Rental Switch days, before the cleaners have come through when it is messy – so why not house buyers seeing a house that isn’t pristine? It isn’t a big deal as a serious buyer will be able to “see through” the open suitcase on the floor or the beach towels hanging to dry by the pool. Best of all – you may get your biggest gift of the holidays – a contract on your property!

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