How to Practice Socially Distant Environmental Stewardship

by Sam Lucas

Here at Coastal Watch, we would like everyone to join us as “Coastal Watchers” and practice socially distant environmental stewardship.

Staying at home is challenging, but this is a great opportunity to get outside and connect with the nature in your backyard. We encourage you to explore, ask questions, create, and make sustainable choices during this time.

Here are a few of our favorite sheltering ways to enjoy nature:
1. Take walks and explore the natural world around your home. What animals live there? What plants?
2. Pledge to take on a new nature fact of the day. Research some topic and share it.
3. Encourage nature to visit your home. Create bird feeders, bird houses, or bee hotels. Research native plants to install in the future.
4. Create a nature journal to record fun findings, observations and sketches of what you discover while outdoors.
5. Pick up litter around your home, on walks, and anywhere you see it. Please be safe and use your discretion when picking up objects; dispose of litter properly.
6. Adhere to, and learn about proper recycling protocols
7. Repurpose recyclables when you can to create fun, interesting projects.
8. Make a pledge to reduce single-use plastics in your life. Encourage friends and family to join you.
9. Learn about your watershed and map it. What features surround your watershed? How is it impacted by them? What can you do to improve its health?
10. Calculate your family’s carbon footprint. How can you challenge yourselves to decrease it?

Please take time to enjoy the fresh air, share your findings, and inspire others.

Coastal Watch creates and implements conservation initiatives that promote and improve the future of marine resources and, our coastal heritage. Coastal Watch is part of the Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation Family. For more information, visit or contact

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