Hurricane Ian on Sanibel

Santiva Chronicle Associate Publisher Chuck Larsen was among those who stayed on Sanibel Island during Hurricane Ian, which struck Sept. 28 as a category 4 and sat on top of the island for about four hours. While the storm devastated the island and broke our hearts, we know our community is resilient and brave.

We will be able to come back from this storm, just as our community did after Hurricane Charley in 2004. The only difference is the Sanibel Causeway is gone, for now, and we may return to a ferry service – bringing back that quaint island charm.

The Santiva Chronicle will continue to cover our community and bring you the harrowing tales of those who experienced the landfall of Ian and the rebuilding we will do together. We appreciate your readership and support as we continue our coverage.

(Above) Associate Publisher Chuck Larsen and his wife Shelby, along with their two dogs, were rescued from Sanibel after surviving Hurricane Ian.
(Below) Photos by Chuck Larsen during and after the storm.


Comments (5)

  1. So heartbreaking! Thank you for the video. May God bless you as you rebuild. Please keep the faith!

  2. What location on the island are most of the beginning photos? Thank you for this, so glad he is safe!

    • The video and most of the photos are taken at and around the Somerset condo complex on West Gulf Drive. Thank you.

  3. Thank you for the pictures of Sanibel. We have been vacationing there for 25 years and truly enjoyed each and every year. When Sanibel is ready for us, we will be back. In the mean while, you will be in our prayers as the difficult job of rebuilding is undertaken.

  4. I’ve loved that island since my first visit in 1976. I only wish I had discovered sooner, so that I could have kept up life on the island before Ian. Thanks for sharing, Chuck, and I hope you return very soon.

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