If Your House Could Talk: Your Home’s 2020 New Year’s Resolutions

by Sarah Ashton, Broker Associate, Re/Max of the Islands

As we enter the new year we all make resolutions – To loose weight, to exercise more, to see our friends more often, to take up a new hobby. If your house could talk, what do you suppose its resolutions for 2020 would be? Let’s take a look at the top 5 resolutions your house would make.

1.Take care of the stuff that could hurt somebody!
You know those wobbly stairs? Someone could get hurt – I need to get these fixed. You know the outlet that sparks when you plug in the toaster? – I could burn down! Let’s make a list of these items and get them done!

2.Invest in making me pretty on the outside!
I like it when I get complements – this year we are going to address “curb appeal”. We are going to make folks take notice of how great I look. It makes me feel better and it really helps the value if you want to sell me.

3.Let me breathe!
I’m going to bring in a landscaping company and trim back all those shrubs and tree limbs. I don’t want a branch falling on me and I really don’t like moisture, bugs and critters up against my siding – It’s a recipe for bad things!

4.Let’s get everything working!
I’m going to make a list of all the appliances, plumbing fixtures and electrical devices in the house that don’t work and make a plan to get them replaced or fixed. If I create a plan then the expense isn’t too great all at once and my owners can enjoy the being here more.

5.Update the inside!
My cabinets and countertops are screaming their age – old. Just new cabinet hardware can be a fun update. The paint colors are dull too – a new paint job goes a long way to making me feel great!

Now there’s a plan! I’m going to look and feel great. And if my owners decide it is time to move on – they will get the benefit of a faster sale at a better price! Happy New Year!

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