Letter: Library Board Incumbents Deserve Unwavering Support

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To the Editor,

Great libraries are a hallmark of the most advanced societies of all times. Cultures and individuals that can afford to do so accumulate and spend their wealth through the acquisition of great books. Children learn to read so that, for the rest of their lives, they can read to learn. Readers are, and always will be, leaders.

Libraries are expensive propositions. They have an almost endless set of choices including which books to acquire, how many copies of each book or other literary work to acquire, how to attract and retain the best staff, and how to maintain their usually over crowded and aging facilities. Running a library is not a job for an amateur. It takes a dedicated professional who is deeply committed to improving the library within budgetary and other constraints.

The Sanibel Library is an example of the best of the hopes and dreams of the Sanibel Community. The 7 member Library Board includes 3 incumbents committed to maintaining the preeminence of the Sanibel Library. These people deserve your unwavering support.

Please vote for the incumbents, Susan Holly, Roy Gibson and Barbara Ruben, so that they can continue doing the fine work they have been doing.

Peter M. Gaines
Sanibel Resident

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