Letter: Support Library Board Incumbents

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To the Editor,

This letter is in response to a comment made concerning the upcoming vote for Sanibel Library Board positions. I believe everyone has a right to voice their opinions in a public forum. However, I can not sit by when comments are made that are patently false and unfairly disparage the integrity of elected officials. The parroting of extreme false accusations is not okay in a civilized society.

I hope that Sanibel residents will vote rationally and not succumb to the hateful and false “talking points” that have been put forth. Please support our current incumbent Library Board members that have guided the Sanibel Library in a fair and open minded way.

Cathy Cryder
Sanibel Resident

Comments (1)

  1. The Florida Department of Health and numerous Florida medical boards have recently issued guidelines and directives to stop the senseless transgendering mutilation and abuse of innocent children whose minds have been confused by books such as featured in the children’s section of the Sanibel Public Library. This is not a “talking point.” It is fact.
    The three incumbent candidates have so acted against the recommendations of our state medical experts such as to allow for the promotion of procedures causing harm to the most innocent of our society, our children. And anyone voting for them to continue in office is thereby complicit in causing this egregious harm.
    There are three very capable alternative candidates who will act not to harm but rather to protect those we hold dearest to our hearts, our beautiful children and grandchildren.

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