LETTER TO EDITOR: Miller Has Right Credentials for Council

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Dear Editor,

The City of Sanibel operates with a budget of around $66 million, equivalent to that of a medium-sized corporation. To successfully manage and oversee an enterprise of this scope and complexity, we need to elect leaders who are competent and experienced in financial oversight and accounting. Mike Miller, a candidate for City Council, has all the right credentials, experience, and temperament for this job.

Mike Miller is an attorney, a certified public accountant, and a financial analyst. He has been a tax consultant and accountant for a “Big Eight” CPA firm, the Vice-President and tax counsel for a “Fortune 100” company. Mike has a long record of service and environmental advocacy on the Island. He has been the President of COTI (where he became well versed in Sanibel’s financial challenges), President of the Sanibel Bicycle Club, and Vice-Chair of the Parks and Recreation City Advisory Committee He has also served on the City Budget Advisory Committee, Together – A Way Forward (an interfaith group focused on environmental stewardship), chaired the Sanibel Amateur Radio Volunteer Team, and served as a volunteer for F.I.S.H., United Way tax assistance and legal document preparation.

Mike understands the balance needed to keep all sectors of our Island thriving. Sanibel would be well served with Mike Miller on the City Council.

Elaine Schaeffer
full-time Sanibel resident

Comments (2)

  1. Dear editor,

    I served for over two years on Mike Miller’s BOD at COTI. Mike is well organized, clear about the objectives of the organization, and worked well with all board members. He is very much a team player.
    Mike did an excellent job at organizing the COTI board, and worked well in setting our goals and objectives, and achieving results.
    Having served on a number of ” For profit “, and ” Non-profit ” boards; I believe Mike Miller is highly qualified, and would be a major asset to the citizens, and City Council, of Sanibel.

    Joe Salatino, Retired, Chairman, CEO, Great North American, Co,s, Inc.

    Full-time Sanibel resident

  2. Mike has also done a wonderful job on the executive committee of a new interfaith initiative on the environment on Sanibel and Captiva called Together A Way Forward. Sanibel needs someone who is concerned about and conversant in environmental policy.

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