Magic: Creating Water From Air

by SC Associate Publisher Chuck Larsen

The idea of creating drinkable water from simple air seems like a magic trick Penn and Teller would perform in Las Vegas, where the Israeli company WaterGen unveiled its in-home device that will create water out of the air at the Consumer Electronics Show. The patented technology is understood to be the most energy efficient atmosphere water generator made.

The new Genny machine, a decade in development, looks like an office water cooler. It pulls moisture from ambient air to create drinkable water through a patented filtration process that removes dust and dirt. A heat exchanger and cooling processor condenses the humidity into water. Mineralization is added to provide satisfactory taste and finally the water is circulated to keep it fresh.

The Genny can produce up to eight gallons of water per day, when connected to electricity or solar panel. The unit will dispense hot or cold water and it’s described as a plug and drink solution. Filters must be changed every six months, but otherwise it’s maintenance free.

While others have developed similar techniques, this will be the first in-home unit on the market. It’s claimed to be the most efficient process ever invented for this purpose. It provides five times more water per KwH than any other. The company already has built larger units for hospitals and businesses and has large units for parched communities in third-world countries.

The units will be available in the second quarter of this year and the price point will be around $2,000 each. While there are many attention-grabbing gadgets at CES, this is one of the most important and relevant inventions in our mind.

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  1. stanley h kwiecien

    Looks Like an expensive dehumidifier

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