Nature Near You: First Week Deemed A Success

by Nicole Finnicum

Nature Near You featured tips on making your own nature journals at home.

The education team at Sanibel Sea School has been busy with the launch of Nature Near You – an e-newsletter designed to help engage kids in nature-based learning during the COVID-19 outbreak. The first week of Nature Near You, which launched March 23, featured three backyard lessons.

Nature Near You participants learned about biodiversity, nature journaling, and completed three nature-themed crafts.

The first issue of Nature Near You kicked off the week with information on how to do a backyard bioblitz, which is a way to assess the overall biodiversity in an area while creating a species list of the plants, animals, insects, and fungi found. Participants sent photos in of their backyard bioblitzes that were conducted right here on Sanibel, in Naples, and even all the way from Minnesota!

On Wednesday, our educators introduced nature journaling and shared how this is a very engaging way to get creative in nature. Nature journaling is a great way to record fun findings (like a bioblitz), note observations, and create sketches of plants and animals.

The week concluded with three nature-inspired art projects participants could create with items found in their backyards or around the house. For each craft, the education team had fun creating ‘How-to’ videos that are hosted on Sanibel Sea School’s YouTube channel. Projects like leaf printing and making homemade binoculars were examples of simple crafts that can be completed by kids of all ages.

Nature Near You will continue throughout the school closures and be delivered via email. If you are interested in joining the mailing list, email If you missed out on an issue of Nature Near You, all of the content can be accessed at

Nature Near You is Sanibel Sea School’s offering to the community. If you would like to support our efforts, please visit or email for more information!

Part of the SCCF (Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation) Family, Sanibel Sea School’s mission is to improve the ocean’s future, one person at a time.

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