New Sanibel Mayor, Vice Mayor Unanimously Appointed

by SC Publisher Shannen Hayes

Sanibel has a new mayor and vice mayor for the next year. In the March 21 City Council meeting, Richard Johnson was unanimously appointed to the mayor position and Mike Miller was unanimously selected as vice mayor by their fellow council members.

Johnson was first elected to the five-member council in March 2019 and reelected to his second term earlier this month. He served two years as vice mayor and was nominated for mayor by Councilman John Henshaw.

Richard Johnson takes the Oath of Office Tuesday, March 21, in the city council meeting.

“Our community is fortunate to have a council of five dedicated individuals working together for all of Sanibel,” said Johnson. “I am honored to have been elected by my council peers to the position of Mayor. Holly Smith has done a wonderful job over the past two years and I intend to do the same for our community.”

Smith served as mayor for the past two years and led the community in the direct aftermath of Hurricane Ian, which struck the island Sept. 28 as a powerful category four storm with a devastating storm surge. Residents and businesses are rebuilding six months later.

Johnson said the community’s recovery will continue to be a priority, along with water quality and quantity, and maintaining the quality of life on the island. While good progress has been made on water quality, Johnson said this goal needs to continue moving forward. He added the quality of life is an important factor in the future of our island city.

Mike Miller takes the Oath of Office Tuesday, March 21. He was elected vice mayor by the five-member council.

Miller has served on council since being elected in March 2021. He brings his financial and legal knowledge to the table. This is his first term as vice mayor. He was nominated by Councilman Dr. Scott Crater.

“I’m deeply honored to have been elected by my colleagues – my teammates – to continue our important task in guiding the recovery and supporting City staff in all of its efforts,” he said.


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  1. Debbie Friedlund

    A job WELL DONE, Holly🙌

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