New Tech from CES

by SC Associate Publisher Chuck Larsen

The Consumer Electronic Show every January in Las Vegas unveils many new technology items you probably did not know you needed. This year’s show offered a ten- second toothbrush, bird feeder camera, and for those not technically inclined, a blackout pouch to silence your children’s smart phone.

Y-Brush out of France, offers three sonic vibration modes to clean your teeth with a flexible “Y” shaped brush that works all your teeth at once. You dribble toothpaste along the entire length of the brush.  After choosing one of three vibration modes, you insert the brush on the upper teeth and simple hold the button. Repeat on the bottom teeth, clean, and you are done.

The inventors want you to improve our health with their innovative technological product. They made a simple observation.  A standard toothbrush head can only brush one area of the tooth at a time, which means brushing your teeth takes time. Since Y-Brush brushes all your teeth simultaneously, the brushing process takes only a few seconds and is more efficient than average brushing.

To let the 35,000 nylon bristles, work their magic, you can order from The $175 price is currently reduced to $119 for the home kit.

Described as a tech for nature, the bird feeder has a built-in camera, roof solar charger, and connection to your smart phone. Available in blue or yellow, the smart AI-powered bird feeder improves a traditional concept and enables connection with nature anytime, anywhere. The device notified users whenever a bird stops by.  The technology allows users to capture photos and video clips of their feathery visitors.  The smartphone app recognizes birds and saves them in your collection.

It is available for purchase now from The base model is selling for $199, with the solar powered roof model for $259. They promise shipment in June 2022.

For those not so technically inclined, there is a Pozzz pouch that rewards you with screen-free time. If your children are addicted to their smart phones, this could be the answer. Your teenager can slip their phone into the pouch and when closed, the Pozzz app detects the presence of the locked phone. It counts and rewards this disconnection time. At night it is non-negotiable: if the pouch is opened, you are warned by the app.

Suitable to all smartphone, it is fits perfectly into a backpack. It has a cable pass-through for the charging cord while stored. Connecting with Bluetooth, it uses a CR2032 battery that should last for a full year. Pozzz was developed by a French team looking for an alternative solution to help children from becoming dependent upon their screens.

It encourages a little disconnect time each day and the app rewards for good use.  The app can even provide gaming challenges for members of the family to encourage use. Pozzz can be ordered from and is priced at under $100.

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