OPINION: Angle of Light Should Be Removed From Code

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Residents of Sanibel Island,

Angle of Light (AOL) should be removed from the Sanibel planning code. It was not in the code when we moved here over 35 years ago was put in as an unreasonable disingenuous spite tactic. It is not protected by any proclamation from above. (AOL) belongs in high rise markets like New York City with skyscrapers. On Sanibel it is inappropriate where a home meets sideline and height requirements it was designed to be punitive, penalizes attractive home functional design. Now in reality what is happening is homes being built in the opposite direction from normal instead of sideline to sideline homes wind up built as narrow very deep awkward massed structures lot frontline to lot backline like you would see in zero lot line developments. Result is less light and views to natural beauty in the HOMES and a strange arrangement within homes frankly that are not as attractive as they could be, plus awkward as to day to day usefulness and functionality. This will come up and bite everyone eventually be aware!

Simple Solution: if a home meets sideline and height requirements AOL should not apply!

Vincent Martin Wolanin
Sanibel Resident

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