OPINION: Five Reasons To Participate in FISH Survey

The Santiva Chronicle publishes opinions and letters on topics that are important to Sanibel and Captiva. The following has been written by Antje Diana Baumgarten, Vice President of the Captiva Community Panel and Founder of the Healthylifestyleflorida.com Magazine

Have you received Fish`s community assessment survey for older adults? Here are five reasons why we should participate.

Our 65 plus Community Will Grow
According to the Lee County Human Services Gap Analysis the “Lee County’s population of 65 and older residents will increase by 44%.” Furthermore, that population is projected to increase by more than 54% between 2020 through 2045.

Lee County Already Has Identified A Service Gap
Currently, the number of people needing service is already greater than the level of services that can be provided. The biggest three challenges right now are:

Gap in Behavioral Health Services
A lack of behavioral health services is a serious problem in the County. It is caused by a significant shortage of professionals in nursing, psychiatry, psychology and social work.

Lack Of Housing
Housing for special needs clients (supportive housing) and housing for workers (affordable housing using HUD definitions) were identified as one of the three most significant gaps from a countywide perspective.”

There is a lack of transit opportunities that needs to be addressed for the success of systems of care. Being able to access care and support, employment or basic-life necessities are all elements needed by system-of-care plans. This gap is critical for residents dependent upon public transportation to access support services and/or the employment and educational opportunities required to address their needs.”

Sanibel Residents Deserve Better Care
At Healthylifesytle Florida Magazine we believe that Sanibel residents deserve better health care. One of the reasons is that the ability to live a happy and independent, long life requires healthy bones. But Osteoporosis statistics for Florida show that there is another big care gap already.

Fish of SanCap Survey Will Help To Close The Gap
To close current gaps, a more detailed need analysis that is reflected in FISH’s survey is a great step for a better future. In addition, it will give Sanibel residents a voice.

Fish Can Help to Build Resources
Fish of SanCap has already improved services for our 65 plus community. Their latest vaccine opportunity for residents on Sanibel at the Sanibel Community House is just one of many. Take a look at the videos of what else Fish has to offer.

More Data Will Help To Fish To get Better Funding
Closing the care gap will require better funding. Therefore more data will help FISH to emphasize the current need gap. No matter if FISh raises public funds or donations – your survey results will help FISh to get a better budget to provide more local services.

Comments (2)

  1. I received the FISH survey and will NOT respond.

    It is an invasive and intrusive survey.

    They are asking personal mental and physical health questions: if you participate in local public meetings and civic groups, how many hours you assist other people, how often you use your computer, do you visit social media, what devices you use, how many hours you use your device and what you’re searching for, do you own or rent your home, do you have a mortgage, the total income of EVERYONE in your household (before taxes) and what is your sexual orientation.

    That is just a sample of the many (over 120) questions.

    FISH also claims your responses are confidential. Nothing is confidential anymore.

    Les Pendleton

  2. how do I get the survey?

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