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As a long time member of the Island Senior Center, now known as the Center4Life, I am surprised and disappointed in the manner in which we are currently being treated.

If the Police are to be temporarily housed in the Bank building, which was purchased for the occupation by the Seniors, I would respectfully request that you hire staff, reopen our Covid-closed Senior Center (in accordance with CDC guidelines), allow the Seniors to enjoy our exercise classes, card games, outings, etc. and most importantly the social aspects many of us have come to enjoy with each other from the Senior Center.

At present it appears that the Seniors are being pushed aside, and our bond issue is being diverted. This is not right.

Nancy Cleare

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  1. The extended closing of the Senior Center has caused us to move, along with Covid. Our families have not visited for over a year – and since we are in our 80’s and 90’s, we are isolated except for our small group of like-aged friends. We have all been here for more than 15 years. I doubt that the City worries about our aged residents – as evident with their policy to keep the Center closed. Sure, we can go to the Community Center and join in the “all ages” groups for activities that used to be at the Center … but the costs are totally prohibited, as our the crowds of residents at each “event”. Have you seen the “houses sold each week” articles in the Chronicle… this was another “24 house sale week”. I am keeping my Sanibel friends in my heart forever, and hope that the Sanibel Council sees what is happening and opens the Center again for residents like us… we are leaving in droves! Bea Fulmer

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