Police Arrest, Charge Fort Myers Woman With Burglary

A Fort Myers woman was arrested and charged with burglary last week.

Ida Bonnemere was witnessed entering and taking an item from a parked vehicle on Friday, March 11 at 1571 Periwinkle Way. Police located her at the victim’s residence on Hibiscus Drive. She entered the home through an unlocked back door, had showered and consumed food and beverages.

Bonnemere admitted to the burglaries and was booked into the Lee County Jail. She was released Thursday, March 17 on a $6,000 bond.

Crash Reports

Lethicia DaMaia of West Palm Beach, Fla., was turning into the parking lot of 959 Periwinkle Way at 11:20 a.m. Saturday, March 12, when the front passenger door of her vehicle was struck by bicyclist William Olinger of Sanibel. Police determined nearly half of DaMaia’s vehicle was through the shared use path at the time of the crash and cited Olinger for failing to yield the right of way. Olinger was check by Lee County EMS and cleared at the scene.

Seymour Weingarten of New York, N.Y., was exiting the parking lot of Song of the Sea on East Gulf Drive at 9:41 p.m. Sunday, March 13, when the driver-side sliding door of his rented mini-van struck a center beam of the portico. Weingarten said he forgot to close the sliding door. The beam was inspected by the Sanibel Fire District and deemed structurally sound.

Loretta Cucchiara of Sanibel was making a right turn onto Periwinkle Way from Casa Ybel Road at 9:28 a.m. Monday, March 14, when her vehicle was struck by an eastbound vehicle operated by Joan Monahan of Sanibel. The traffic aid told officers he signaled for Monahan to stop. She was cited for failing to obey traffic control device. No injuries were reported.

Michael Musso of Cape Coral was stopped in northbound traffic on Lindgren Boulevard near Angel Wing Drive at 5:51 p.m. Monday, March 14, when the back of his vehicle was struck by a vehicle operated by Elmener Virgile of Lehigh Acres, Fla. No injuries were reported.

Maria Gonzalez of North Fort Myers was traveling east on Periwinkle Way at 2:08 p.m. Tuesday, March 15, when she slowed for traffic and the back of her vehicle was struck by a vehicle operated by Joseph Almeida of Fort Myers. No injuries were reported.

Michelle Woodruff of Coopersburg, Penn., was traveling east on Periwinkle Way at 5:22 p.m. Tuesday, March 15, when she stopped for traffic and the back of her vehicle was struck by a vehicle operated by Stacey Obermeyer of Geneva, Ill.

Rosalyn McGlynn of Sanibel was backing out of a parking space at 2:44 p.m. Thursday, March 17, at Bailey’s General Store, 2477 Periwinkle Way, when her vehicle struck a concrete curb then struck the parked vehicles of Alicia Carroll of Wichita, Kan., and Robert Savage of Milton, Del. No injuries were reported.

Animal Reports

A seven-foot alligator was reported on the Shared Use Path on Saturday, March 12 near the Sand Dollar on Middle Gulf Drive. Police could not locate the alligator.

A coyote was thought to be stuck in the recycling dumpster on Monday, March 14 at 750 Dunlop Road, but was found not to be a coyote, but a raccoon inside the dumpster.

A coyote was sighted on Tuesday, March 15 in the grass near the Tarpon Bay Road and West Gulf Drive beach access. It did not appear to be aggressive.

A gopher tortoise struck by a vehicle while crossing Sanibel Captiva Road on Thursday, March 17 was transported to the Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife.

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