POLICE: Lost and Found Property

The below listed items have been turned into the Sanibel Police Department as found property. To claim lost and found property, you will need to provide proof of ownership i.e., photographs, receipts, and/or specific details about the lost item. If you have any questions or wish to claim lost property, call the Sanibel Police Department at (239) 472-3111 and ask for Kurt Schulte.

Date FoundDescriptionLocation
7/2/22 Prescription GlassesSanibel at Large
7/5/22 Deutschland ID, iPhoneLighthouse
7/5/22 KeysLighthouse
7/8/22Clutch purse, US CurrencyRabbit Road/West Gulf
7/13/22Vehicle key, pocketknifeTurner Beach
7/16/22Vehicle Key FobSanibel at Large
7/23/22Vehicle Key FobWest Gulf Access #1
7/29/22Vehicle Key FobJoewood Beach Area
7/30/22Fitness Wrist Device Shell Basket Lane
7/31/22Vehicle Key Fob2231 Periwinkle Way
8/7/22 Keys on silver ringLighthouse
8/15/22Cellular telephone1201 Periwinkle Way
8/20/22Boat Cushion1231 Middle Gulf Drive
8/26/22Silver key on coil wrist band 4227 West Gulf Drive
8/29/22Vehicle key1300 Periwinkle Way
9/1/22Children’s BackpackPeriwinkle / Lindgren

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