Police Make Two DUI Arrests; Two Minor Hit-And-Runs Reported

A Sanibel woman was arrested Friday, Oct. 23 for driving under the influence and cited for a hit-and-run. A witness reported a vehicle swerving, traveling on the wrong side of the road and striking a mailbox on Dixie Beach Boulevard before pulling into a driveway in a nearby neighborhood.

Sanibel Police Officers responded to the home of 51-year-old Leslie Palmer, where they found her vehicle in the driveway with signs of recent damage. Palmer appeared intoxicated and told officers she may have hit a mailbox. She refused to submit to a field sobriety test and was transported to the Lee County Jail.

Palmer submitted to a breathalyzer that showed her blood alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit. She was booked into the Lee County Jail and released Oct. 23 on a $2,500 bond.

A New Jersey man was charged with driving under the influence and cited for careless driving and not carrying his driver license Sunday, Oct. 25 after crashing his vehicle into a tree on Dixie Beach Boulevard.

A Sanibel Police Officer on patrol at 1:06 a.m. observed a vehicle with its hazard lights on and 18-year-old Luke Sepe in the driver’s seat. Sepe first told officers he was driving from his residence to pick up a friend when his tires slid causing his vehicle to hit the tree. He later told officers an unknown vehicle ran him off the road.

Due to signs of impairment, Sepe was given a field sobriety test but was unable to complete it properly. He was transported to the Lee County Jail, where a breath test showed there was no alcohol in his system. He refused a urine test and was eventually booked into the jail as disorderly. He was released Oct. 25 and a $2,000 bond.

Two Minor Hit-And-Run Accidents

Marsee Foskey of Fort Myers reported to police on Sunday, Oct. 25 that while her vehicle was parked in the parking lot at the Speedway gas station, 2499 Palm Ridge Rd., it was struck by a vehicle exiting a parking space then left the scene. Officers contacted the vehicle’s owner Sarah Lichenstein of Sanibel, who said she was unaware that her vehicle struck Foskey’s vehicle at the time.

Amber Ferrer of Cape Coral reported to police on Thursday, Oct. 29 that while her vehicle was parked at Song of the Sea, 863 E. Gulf Dr., it was struck by a Sanibel Taxi vehicle that had left the scene. Sanibel Taxi driver Carl Heider of Fort Myers later returned and told the officer that his vehicle’s rear bumper “touched” the front bumper of Ferrer’s vehicle. He said he checked for damage, but did not observe any damage.

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