POLL: Bikes On The Beach

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  1. I also believe that ebikes are dangerous on the regular bike paths and should not be allowed there. They have momentum that is not all that controllable when the bike paths are busy. There are ‘new’ bikers’ renting bikes on our island bike paths who are not accustomed to the traffic flow and when you add ebikes to the mix it can be dangerous. The Sanibel bike paths are hazardous enough without ebikes.

  2. These vehicles resemble motor scooters more than bikes. With the big frames and wide tires plus the heavy batteries they creat dangerous “convoys” that impact wildlife and beach visitors. When will this end??

  3. Donald bradford

    Electric bikes should also be prohibited from shared use paths.
    I thought the rental of electric bikes was prohibited??

  4. Having bikes of any kind on the beaches is counter to all the hard continuing work done by volunteers as well as city council to maintain our environmentally safe island.

  5. Cynthia Gorman

    Bike are Ok because they are slower than electric bikes and more controllable on the beach. You should know I do not ride on the beach at all. I may ride to the beach but never on it.

  6. Laurie Hafener

    Riding my beach bike on the East End beaches of Sanibel is one on my favorite reasons to live on Sanibel. It is pure joy, sometimes paralleling a swimming dolphin, getting lucky enough to ride right out on a tidal dune, all the time being respectful of the living shells and other beach goers!

  7. Ellen Svenson. West Gult Drive

    Prohibit E-bikes on the beach. The beach is a place of rest, contemplation, and peace.


    Should be ban on bike paths as well.

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