POLL RESULTS: Bikes on the Beach

SC Staff Report

Sanibel currently does not have an ordinance banning bikes on the beach. Councilman Mike Miller proposed a ban on electric bikes on the beach in the council’s May meeting.

The safety of beachgoers was a concern for the council. Concern was also raised for the shorebirds, which use the beach as a resting and feeding place as they migrate. If they are scattered or flushed, it burns up their reserves of energy and reduces their ability to complete their journey.

A recent SC poll showed 63.5 percent of respondents are in favor of banning all bikes on the beach, while 31.5 percent favored a ban on e-bikes. The remaining 5 percent think all bikes should continue to be allowed on the beach.

A draft ordinance prohibiting e-bikes on the beach will be discussed in the June council meeting.

Comments (4)

  1. My vote- no bikes on the beach and especially no e- bikes. We were almost rundown by two e- bikes going at a very fast pace on the beach. Sanibel is a Sanctuary island. The shorebirds and other wildlife comes first.

  2. Why is the city Council only discussing Banning eBags when the majority of the citizens indicate they want all banks band from the beach?

  3. No bikes, no pets if these are truly sanctuary islands. Meant to be peaceful for all to enjoy.

  4. Ban all bikes oj the beach they are problem for birds, humans and turtles. Plenty of better places to ride

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