POLL RESULTS: Sanibel Just Fine As Is

The latest Santiva Chronicle poll shows most of the respondents think Sanibel is just fine as it is. We asked what kind of activities you would put on a fantasy wish list and 43 percent said none. But that is not surprising. Our Chief Financial Officer thinks the island is perfect, too.

From the list of ideas, a car wash was the most popular with 26 percent voting for it. The most popular ideas among the “other” category were a dog park and a cinema. Respondents also mentioned a naturalist beach, iguana hunting, a hot tub at the Sanibel Recreation Center and the ability to climb the top of the lighthouse for a view as fun activities.

Sanibel is a sanctuary island that is special to anyone who calls it home or their home-away-from-home. It is special (and home) to us at the Santiva Chronicle, too. We are not endorsing the activity wish list become reality. However, this was just a fun poll and we hope you enjoyed imagining, just for a second, a fantasy wish list of activities.

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