POLL RESULTS: Two Gas Stations Not Enough In Evacuation

Sanibel is down to two gas stations after 7 Eleven removed its pumps over the summer and the station at Bailey’s Shopping Center has been closed. A recent Santiva Chronicle poll showed 54 percent of respondents think two gas stations are not enough in the event of an evacuation.

The Mobil station on Palm Ridge Road operates 10 pumps and the Sanibel Service Station on Periwinle Way has six pumps. That is roughly one pump per 800 cars.

And more than half of the respondents said they fuel up their vehicle at an island station – 42 percent at Mobil, 10 percent at either island station and 9 percent at Sanibel Service Station – despite the higher price compared to across the Sanibel Causeway.

The remaining 37 percent said they fuel-up off island and 2 percent have an electric vehicle.

A 7 Eleven manager told the Santiva Chronicle the decision to remove the gas pumps was made by the corporate office. Calls to the Texas-based 7 Eleven headquarters went unanswered.

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  1. Perhaps we should install more electric charge stations.

  2. Agree with first comment. Electric charging stations would entice electric car purchases. The island has always been 1st on environmental awareness.

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