Public Notice – Heritage Heights Group Housing Site

provided by FEMA

LAKE MARY, Fla. – FEMA has posted a Public Notice about a Draft Environmental Assessment of a proposed group housing site for some of the individuals and households in Lee County impacted by Hurricane Ian who need temporary housing.

The proposed group site is known as Heritage Heights Group Housing Site. The proposed action includes developing an approximately 9.3-acre site in the community of Fort Myers, Florida that will accommodate up to 59 transportable temporary housing units. Activities may include, where necessary, site clearing, grading, road construction, the placement of concrete pads, utilities (electricity, water, and sewer), and the transport and installation of transportable temporary housing units to the site.

FEMA group sites are generally occupied by families who lived in the area before the hurricane. Group sites do not typically increase demands for local services such as schools and police and fire protection. Once the direct housing program ends and a group site is no longer needed, FEMA will remove all housing units. After all units have been vacated and removed from the site, the property is returned as close as possible to its original state.

FEMA is required to provide a Public Notice for the Heritage Heights Group Housing Site Draft Environmental Assessment, which can be found online: Public Notice – Draft Environmental Assessment for Temporary Group Housing, Heritage Heights Group Site, FEMA-DR-4673-FL, March 2023,

(Public Notice for Temporary Group Housing, Heritage Heights Group Site, FEMA-DR-4673-FL, March 2023 and This notice provides instructions regarding how to access the Draft Environmental Assessment and how to provide comments.

Due to the emergency nature of this action, the public comment period will be brief and limited to a seven-day (7- day) comment period which will end on March 23, 2023, at 5 p.m. ET. If no substantive comments are received, the Draft Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact will become final and no further public noticing will be conducted.

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