Readers Want Greater Food Choices

By SantivaChronicle Staff

The survey by the asking readers what type of food they would you like to see come to Sanibel’s restaurant scene, the votes came out overwhelming in favor of Asian cuisine.

Chinese was the most desired with Thai coming in second.

Italian and Mexican came in next

Full results are below:

60% Chinese

41% Thai

21% Italian

20% Mexican

20% Japanese

19% Steak

17% Indian

13% Tapas

7%   Vegan

5%   Brazilian

Totals are more than 100% as readers were allowed to vote for more than one.

The ‘other’ votes included Cuban, Greek, Ecuadorian, French, Mediterranean, Afghan, Vietnamese, Sushi, Indonesian, Polish.

Comments (2)

  1. It would be wonderful to have a Chinese takeout/delivery service on island. Not only a great food option for the island, but they will bring in a lot of money! Hope it happens.

  2. Why not an Asian fusion restaurant?
    Linda Kramer

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