Recreation Center Hours Further Reduced in August

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The City of Sanibel has further reduced the hours of operation for August at the Recreation Center due to the economic impact of the pandemic. SC photo by Chuck Larsen

The City of Sanibel has further reduced the hours of operation and staffing hours throughout August at the Recreation Center due to the economic impact of the pandemic. August and September are historically the least busy of the year and user demand at the facility has been less than capacity with social distancing and modified operations in place since reopening mid-June.

The facility is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday with the weight room, lap swim and tennis courts available by reservation. And patrons must complete a COVID-19 waiver form prior to their first visit. Dog licenses and “A” beach parking permits continue to be available for purchase during those hours. Additionally, registration is open for the first trimester of the Recreation Center’s after-school program, which begins Aug. 31, the start of the school year.

Center 4 Life, the city’s senior programming facility, remains closed and the following are still not being offered at the recreation center: group classes, personal training, open swim, pool slide and water features, playground, skate park, counselor-in-training, locker rooms or showers, room rentals and open gym.

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  1. I see that once again the rec center hours have been set for August with no consideration for those who work. With only week day hours of 8 to 5 it is impossible for people who work to use the facility. Isn’t it possible to have different hours on a couple of days per week and possibly a partial day on the weekend to accommodate working people. Maybe on Tuesday and Thursday the hours could be 10 to 6 or 10:30 to 6:30. Also a half day on Saturday would allow for working people to use the center. We have paid our membership just like everyone else but now the hours are so restrictive our money is just going to waste. I understand the need for reduced hours and fewer employees but why is only 8 to 5 available when there are many other combinations of hours available that would allow all members to use the facility. With a little creativity I think all members could be accommodated.

    Laurie Jensen

  2. Kathleen Fairbairn

    When you enter the Sanibel Recreation facility signs are present for COVID 19 restrictions (masked required and maintain 6 feet apart). However, when you enter the gym there are sign in sheet for the equipment in a small space that people are required to use. When the gym opens in the morning the regulars are there to sign in for the equipment, right behind one another, not maintaining any social distancing. COVID 19 spread is on the rise in Florida . Maybe you could move the sign in sheets outside the gym door and put a sticker on the floor for appropriate distancing.

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