SanCap Motor Club Cruise-In Is Place To See Beautiful Cars

by SC Writer Reanna Haase
SC Publisher Shannen Hayes contributed

Scot Congress with his 1968 Oldsmobile 443. See cars like his at the monthly SanCap Motor Club cruise-ins. SC photo by Chuck Larsen

A SanCap Motor Club Cruise-In is the place to see some beautiful classic, exotic and muscle cars. The club’s season of cruise-ins has started back up on the first Saturday of the month in the parking lot of Periwinkle Place shopping center.

The SanCap Motor Club was founded in 2014 by two guys who have a passion for cars and wanted a reason to get their collector cars out of the garage. Scot Congress and Mike Stone decided to “spark” an interest in others by founding the only car club on Sanibel and hosting cruise-ins from October to May.

“(The cruise-ins) are an opportunity for everyone to bring out their collector cars – old or new,” said Congress, who owns a 1968 Oldsmobile 442. “We are not picky,” he said. “It can be a jalopy. It can be a 1980s Jeep. It can be a very rare Lamborghini or Ferrari.”

“There are so many people on Sanibel who have these extra collector cars and we have given them a reason to bring them out and clean them up,” said Congress.

The “core cars” at the cruise-ins are the 1960s and 1970s muscle cars, but more than 100 cars have been on display, especially in the peak month of March. Even a 1963 Ford Galaxy Mayberry police car cruised in once, Congress said.

The SanCap Motor Club has grown to around 60 members and anyone with a passion for cars is welcome – no mechanical skills necessary. “I would say 70 percent of our members are not mechanical. They just love the hobby and they just love cars,” said Congress. “The other 30 percent are body shop guys or mechanics or taught by their dad.”

In addition to the monthly cruise-ins from October to May, SanCap Motor Club members gather for a dinner on the second Tuesday of every month at Blue Giraffe 2. “I think the thing I love so much about this group is people just love to get together on the island and meet each other,” said Congress.

“This is just another one of those wonderful reasons to meet people who have similar interests,” he said. “The members have really grown to feel that this is part of the Sanibel lifestyle.”

Gather the family or fellow car lovers and visit the next SanCap Motor Club cruise-in from 9 to 11 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 6 at Periwinkle Place, 2307 Periwinkle Way. There will be drinks, donuts and a continental breakfast provided by Blue Giraffe.

Learn more about the SanCap Motor Club.

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