Sanctuary Foundation Grants Significant Swift Support to Local Nonprofits

provided to Santiva Chronicle

In response to the Covid-19 crisis, The Sanctuary Golf Club Foundation Board accelerated the timing and increased the grant amounts being given to both F.I.S.H. of SANCAP and Community Housing & Resources, the primary providers of social services on our islands. As a result, The Sanctuary Foundation will be providing a total of $85,000 in support to these two nonprofits immediately.

After hearing about the sudden increase in needs being experienced by both nonprofits, The Sanctuary Golf Club Foundation Board met with both organizations. “It became clear that the single most helpful thing we could do to better equip these nonprofits was to provide them with immediate support and offer our reassurance that we are in this together.” Foundation President, John McCabe explained.

While both F.I.S.H. and CHR have extensive experience in meeting enormous upticks in local human needs during short-term emergencies posed by hurricanes and in helping those in need weather the longer term economic downturn experienced from our water quality crisis, both
organizations expressed concern that the potential impact of Covid-19 could eclipse anything they have ever experienced.

McCabe continued, “Since our mission is to support nonprofits that positively impact the lives of people in need living and working on our islands, we are committed to do whatever we can to help them, help our neighbors, get through this.”

Anyone inspired to do more for our community in this unprecedented time of need is encouraged to donate directly their favorite island nonprofit or through The Sanctuary Golf Club Foundation at 239-333-3337.

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