Sanibel Captiva Chamber Unveils New Websites

provided to Santiva Chronicle

Sanibel & Captiva Islands Chamber of Commerce members now have their own website plus a brand new improved site designed to help visitors find them more readily.

“We had identified the need for a landing place for current and potential members, so the member site is a brand-new benefit for our members,” said John Lai, chamber president and chief executive office.

The new site will function as an archives portal for all information chamber members might want to access, including the chamber’s legislative priorities, past email newsletters, press releases sent by members, and marketing photos and videos. Members can access their site at

“It will help us communicate better with our membership, especially for crisis management before and after storms and other events that might impact tourism and business on the islands,” Lai added.

The new visitors site at has brought the chamber digitally up to date with new imagery, video capabilities for the first time, and a better flow of information. The last update happened in 2017, so features had become dated.

“It’s cleaner, more navigable. The dropdown boxes make more sense,” said Lai. “Essentially, it improves how quickly visitors can access members’ information. It effectively shortens the distance between member and visitor.”

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