Sanibel Fire and Rescue Announces Retirement of Hickey

provided to the Santiva Chronicle

Mary Hickey. SC photo by Chuck Larsen

Sanibel Fire and Rescue District is saddened to announce the retirement of the District Administrator Mary Hickey. Her years of service and commitment will be missed throughout the District as she has touched each of our staff members and of course those around the island.

Bill Briscoe, Fire Chief at Sanibel Fire and Rescue District, states, “When any employee retires, it is always a difficult realization, but it is now time for Mary to experience the joy of retirement.”

Administrator Hickey began her career as a firefighter/paramedic for the City of Saint Charles, Mo. After relocating to Florida in 1988, she was able to become a volunteer firefighter for Sanibel Fire and Rescue District. After years of volunteering, in October 1996, Administrator Hickey became a full-time employee with the District and has since dedicated over 25 years.

“The fire service will always be deep in my heart,” stated Mary Hickey, Administrator at Sanibel Fire and Rescue District. “But things in my life have changed, and I need to move on.”

Sanibel Fire and Rescue District’s mission is to “Serve to Protect”. To provide an array of services dedicated to protecting the lives and property of the community, by providing timely and expert service in fire, medical, and disaster management.

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