Sanibel Fire District Responds to Minor Fire, Report Of Missing Person

Sanibel Fire & Rescue District responded to a minor fire and search for a reported missing person last week.

A heater coil on the roof air handler of a commercial structure caught the duct insulation on fire Monday, Jan. 31. Deputy Fire Chief Kevin Barbot said firefighters were able to find the fire rapidly. There was no damage to the structure with very minor damage to the roof top air conditioner and some duct work.

A reported missing person Tuesday, Feb. 1 resulted in a thorough search of the Sanibel Causeway area waterway. After two-plus hours of searching, it was deemed by law enforcement the individual was not missing and the search was called off.

Issues with an air conditioning unit caused a slight haze in a residential structure Sunday, Jan. 30 resulting in no damage to the structure.

Sanibel Fire District logged 42 other runs from Jan. 28 to Feb. 3:

Medical related, including assists and EMS: 27
Extraction, rescue: 2
Public Service Assistance: 1
Canceled en route: 5
Steam, other gas, mistaken for smoke: 1
Detector malfunction: 3
Unintentional alarm: 3

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