Sanibel Fire District Rolls Out Platform for Residents

The Sanibel Fire District has been working closely with technology partner First Due to release Community Connect, an application focused on protecting residents and their property in the most effective way possible during an incident or major disaster.

“When responding to a residence, there is often critical information that would assist in how we respond to that incident,” said Sanibel Fire Chief Matt Scott. “For years our district has been collecting critical information regarding local businesses. This program allows us to gather much of the same information about the residents within our community.”

Community Connect is a secure, easy-to-use platform that allows residents to share critical information about their household to aid first responders and emergency personnel. Community is entirely voluntary, and residents can individually decide which information they feel comfortable with sharing.

Residents simply create a profile, enter critical property and occupant information. This is then made available to public safety agencies at the time of dispatch. Data provided by residents within Community is 100 percent secure, according to First Due, and used only for the purpose of better serving residents during emergencies.

“Letting us know makes a massive difference – who better than the homeowner to provide us with this critical information when an emergency occurs,” said Scott. “Most of the incident our firefighters respond to are in residential areas. Community Connect allows those firefighters to know in advance if you or your family members have functional needs that would should prepare for or if you have pets we should look out for.

“Our residents are our priority, and we intend to listen to any feedback and make improvements to the service over time,” said Scott.

To learn more or sign up for Sanibel Fire District Community Connect, visit or visit and find Community Connect under quicklinks.

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