Sanibel Fire Takes Over 400 Calls Since January

by SC Associate Publisher Chuck Larsen

Sanibel Fire Department responded to 431 calls in the first quarter of 2021. The largest number of calls were for medical emergencies and assisting Emergency Medical Services. Another third of the calls turned out to be false alarms. They involved fire system detection equipment malfunction or calls that were canceled while en route.

The other calls ranged from fires to accidents to rescues or lost person searches.

Medical assist 122
Dispatched and canceled en route 63
Emergency medical service 54
Public service assistance 44
Rescue emergency 37
Unintentional system detection/no fire 33
Good intent call 18
Extrication rescue 12
False alarm 12
System malfunction 9
Electrical problem 6
Combustible spill 3
Service call other 3
Wrong location, no emergency found 3
Natural vegetation fire 2
Search for lost person 2
Water rescue 2
Special outside fire 1
Rescue EMS standby 1
Person in distress 1
EMS call/party transported 1

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