Sanibel Historical Museum Bequeathed Two Acquisitions

by SC Reporter Ariadna Ampudia

The Sanibel Historical Preservation Committee announced two acquisitions bequeathed to the Sanibel Historical Museum and Village during the committee’s January meeting, held at City Hall.

The two acquisitions are a map of Florida from the year 1846 and a quilt owned by Kay Wightman, an islander who dedicated 30 years to being a docent at the museum. The museum, located on Dunlop Road, will use the two new items during tours and a quilt show.

The 1846 map belonged to Stephen and Enid Oresman, who also donated the item to the museum. The map was constructed and drawn by S. Augustus Mitchell, a world-renowned cartographer.

Emilie Alfino, the museum’s executive director, said the map had a unique spelling of the Sanibel and Captiva Islands. Sanibel was spelled “Sanybel” and Captiva was spelled “Captive.” There was also a letter attached to the back of the map, addressed to the owners of the map, she said.

“Dear Enid and Steve, this Florida map complete with Sanibel with a y, was published in 1846 in a new universal atlas containing maps of the various empires, kingdoms, and republics of the world,” Alfino read directly from the letter.

The second acquisition was a quilt made by Wightman, patterned with red and white colors. After Wightman’s recent death, her husband donated the quilt to the museum and it will later be added the permanent collection.

“We’re always happy to get clothes that have some connection to an islander,” Alfino said. Wightman’s work as a docent was one that left a mark, as she was one of the many workers who “ran the museum,” while it was functioning under the city before becoming a nonprofit corporation, she said.

New homes to be demolished, update on previous home

Sanibel City Planner Craig Chandler revealed to committee members, during his Planning Department liaison report, two new additional homes located at 2431 Periwinkle Way and 2477 Periwinkle Way were granted a demolition permit for a home built prior to 1963.

The properties are not listed on the committee’s historic buildings resources list, which details buildings or houses that have historic significance. Chandler describes the process as being a “redevelopment construction,” as the homes will later be remodeled into a commercial and residential area.

Chandler also gave an update on a permit granted to demolish a home located on South Yachtmans Drive, discussed in the committee meeting in December.

He said an administrative policy now requires photographs of any proposed demolition on a property to be taken before issuing a demolition permit. Although the proper documentation was completed, due to the holiday season and schedule, the photographs will be provided to committee members in next month’s meeting.

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