Sanibel Incentivising City Employees To Get Vaccinated

by SC Publisher Shannen Hayes

Sanibel City Council had a lengthy discussion last week on the status of COVID vaccinations among the city’s employees. Currently, 78 employees are fully vaccinated; six have had one dose; 48 are not vaccinated; and 38 had not responded to the voluntary survey.

The city is experiencing  staffing issues from impacts of COVID that is having a trickle down effect on the city’s ability to provide timely services to tax payers and slowed major projects. While many Florida counties have instituted a vaccination mandate for employees, Sanibel is not ready to impose one yet.

Council decided last week to continue encouraging vaccinations among city staff with a $500 incentive that ends Oct. 30, start tracking vaccinations and require verification. It was also decided that unvaccinated employees must wear N95-type masks when on city property.

“Our number one concern is protecting people and the health and safety of our employees and our residents,” said Councilman John Henshaw, a former head of Occupational Safety and Health Administration. He introduced the actions unanimously approved by council.

Lee County has a lower vaccination rate compared to surrounding counties. City Manager Judie Zimomra said the 54 percent vaccination rate among city staff is not a reflection of the island community, but of the county and region.

“Our workforce comes from the area not from the island, and (the numbers) are almost to the percentage of what we’re seeing in the region,” said Zimomra. “They may be out of range for what we would like to see as a policy in our workforce, but they are consistent with the vaccination rate for this region.”

Henshaw suggested weekly testing for unvaccinated employees and requiring new hires to be fully vaccinated. But those were tabled mostly due to council not being ready to act on them. Weekly testing could be an administrative challenge and OSHA is expected soon to release COVID requirements likely to change current mandates.

Henshaw said the actions taken by council were a step forward and it would not be the council’s last discussion on the matter. “I do intend to bring it up again in our next meeting to consider where we are in the nation, in our understanding of whether requirements can be made, and if the testing can be done,” said Henshaw.

Council agreed to hold special meetings as needed.


Comments (3)

  1. Unvaccinated does not mean infected.
    Vaccinated does not mean immune.

  2. I am a resident of Sanibel and Florida. I am very, very concerned about the low vaccination rates of the city employees! I am vaccinated but very concerned that 46 percent of Sanibel’s city employees are NOT vaccinated!! How can the citizens accept that. Sanibel’s population tends to be elderly and therefore more susceptible to COVID and its variances. The city council MUST demand that ALL City employees be vaccinated Immediately! Geoffrey Moss

  3. It should be mandated that ALL city employees must receive COVID vaccination. Vaccinations for many diseases, (polio, etc.) have been required in schools for years, COVID should be no different. It’s time for common sense & science to govern. The public should not be put at risk of other’s ignorance. An N95 mask gives 95% protection to the wearer, but does not protect those in contact with him or her.
    It’s inexcusable that less than 50% of City employees have been vaccinated & this must be addressed & corrected.

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