Sanibel Public Beach Parking Lots Remain Closed Through May

by SC Publisher Shannen Hayes

Sanibel public beach parking lots will remain closed throughout May. SC photo by Associate Publisher Chuck Larsen

Sanibel City Council voted 4-1 to reopen the public beach parking lots June 1 in a nearly six-hour special meeting on Tuesday. Beach parking has been closed to non-residents since March 24 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sanibel Mayor Kevin Ruane voted against keeping the public beach parking lots closed for four main reasons – proper social distancing can be practiced at the beaches, public funding, parking revenue and constitutional rights.

He said it will be harder for the city to request the much-needed $1.75 million in public funding for the beaches with them closed longer than other areas; the parking revenue would help offset the $5.2 million in pension fund requirements; and from a constitutional point of view, it’s a problem when public beaches are not open to the public.

Councilman Jason Maughan disagreed with the closure being unconstitutional. “If I thought for one second what we were proposing to do with the beaches was unconstitutional, not only would I not vote for it, I would have left here and sued the city myself. Simple as that,” he said.

Vice Mayor Mick Denham, who made the motion to continue to closure, said he didn’t think two more weeks were unreasonable. Councilman Richard Johnson seconded Denham’s motion and initially with the condition of reopening if there was not a significant increase in virus cases that would caution against it.

Ruane didn’t want to continue kicking the proverbial can down the road when it comes to reopening. He pointed out that two of the three counties in the state with the highest number of virus cases would be opening beaches next week and he didn’t know how to defend Sanibel with public funding for public beaches that are not open.

Lee County opened its beaches two weeks ago, which includes Bowman’s and Turner beaches and Causeway Island Parks. Since the city’s beach parking lots have remained closed, those beaches became overcrowded and Sanibel was criticized by the county as a “contributing factor” to the problem.

It’s a criticism Ruane said he couldn’t deny and the city needed to be cognizant of its contribution. “It may not necessarily impact us receiving a check. It just tarnishes the relationship (with the county),” he said.

Councilwoman Holly Smith expressed concern not just over visitors from other states, but day-trippers from the other side of Florida where the virus was most prevalent. “We are talking two more weeks and when we are open, I don’t foresee our beach parking lots being empty. They are going to be full.”

In other decisions, council also voted to temporarily increase parking fines to $200, effective May 16.

Comments (8)

  1. I agree with keeping the beaches closed until June 1. They should not be reopened until covid-19 statistics have decreased as defined by original CDC & legitimate scientific guidelines.

  2. Good job folks in keeping the beach parking closed until June 1st.
    Wish it could be longer, but, we’ll see how it goes!
    Hopefully, it doesn’t become chaotic with the day trippers! And hopefully, the number of coronavirus cases doesn’t increase!
    Thank you for your ever so diligent and difficult work!
    When I’m running in the morning by beach access points 1-7 on West Gulf, I’m always trying to look at the stickers on cars!
    It will be interesting to see if people do social distancing on the beach! This of course, I have concerns about!

  3. Don’t totally agree our beach parking closings caused crowding for causeway beach. As for Bowmans beach, it’s a matter of wanting to spread out, moving away from convenience of being closer to parking lot and facilities.

  4. How can you justify a $200 parking violation? Just because you closed your beach parking and have lost revenue doesn’t mean you can gouge your patrons. If you close down the beaches again, and lose more revenue, will the parking violations be $1000? Unbelievable…..

    • They got you too, huh? They got me approximately two weeks ago although I had a permit from another beach on the island thinking it was valid. I’m working on a case that will expose them for this and there will soon be repercussions.

    • I just received a $200 at Bowman’s beach. I honestly did not see any signs, I was caring for two of my girls with masks and everything going on. Very disappointed and will ask for hearing.

      • 200 dollars for a parking ticket is just done right criminal, we had never been there before and did not know u had to pay for parking at blind pass, it was not till I looked for restrooms that I saw the pay station and it was too late then. I understand they don’t want people parking along the roads but in a parking lot ?? would really like to know if anyone has had any luck fighting these ignorant fines ??

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