Sanibel Puts Friendly Reminder To Wear Mask On Electronic Sign

by SC Publisher Shannen Hayes

An electronic sign on Causeway Boulevard says “Welcome to Sanibel. Wear A Mask,” as a friendly reminder to drivers as they enter the island. SC photo by Shannen Hayes

Drivers coming on to Sanibel Island will see a friendly reminder to wear a mask as they pass an electronic sign on Causeway Boulevard. The message was unanimously approved by Sanibel City Council Tuesday, Dec. 1, as one more way to continue protecting island residents and visitors from COVID-19.

“Masks are mandatory on the island and I think it’s important we let people know that,” said Mayor Mick Denham, who made the suggestion to deploy the electronic sign. Denham also said he wants to “see citizens and visitors take (the pandemic) seriously.”

Face masks or coverings are required while indoors at a public places as part of the city’s local state of emergency proclamation. The city has also encouraged social distancing and avoiding group gatherings to prevent further spread of the virus in weekly email updates and on its website

The city will now send email notifications when a new virus case is reported under Sanibel’s zip code by the Florida Department of Health. City Manager Judie Zimomra explained the city had been sending virus updates on Tuesdays, which is when the city’s seven-day state of local emergency proclamation is extended.

Additionally, council members agreed to have a COVID-19 discussion on their agenda for at least the next several months. Denham said there will always be important issues to discuss and wants citizens to see council is taking it seriously.

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  1. great idea to have the causeway welcome sign “wear masks”.

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