Sanibel School Courtyard Gets Post-Storm Makeover

provided to The Santiva Chronicle

The Sanibel School 8th grade class is grateful to Julio Pineda Landscaping for donating their time and resources to re-do the school courtyard landscaping after hurricane damage. The class raised $500 with Dream Vacation Rentals Matching the donation to cover the cost of materials, and Julio Pineda Landscaping donated their labor and the balance of the materials.

The courtyard landscaping is the legacy gift they’re leaving behind for the future students. The students were excited to see the new landscaping, to also be a part of making the courtyard beautiful for upcoming students. The new plant choices include Island native’s such as Green and silver buttonwoods. The students are also grateful for the opportunity to learn about landscaping and to give back to their school community.

“We are so grateful to Julio Pineda Landscaping for their generosity,” said the teachers that were walking by. The students were so excited to see the new landscaping, and they are proud to have played a role in making it happen.”

Julio Pineda Landscaping is a local landscaping company that has been serving the Sanibel community for over 10 years. The company is owned and operated by Julio Pineda, who is a local Lee County graduate.
“I am happy to give back to my community,” said Mr. Pineda. “The students worked hard I wanted to help them make their vision a reality.”

The new landscaping is a beautiful addition to the Sanibel School courtyard. The students and staff are grateful to Julio Pineda Landscaping for their generosity and for helping to make the courtyard a beautiful and inviting space.

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