Sanibel School Interact Club Packs a Punch Against Hunger

submitted by Joleen Raho, San-Cap Rotary Member

The Sanibel Interact Club lent their efforts to “speed” packing nutritious meals for local food pantries on Saturday, Nov. 9.

“Our local food pantries have been depleted as we have sent thousands of meals to those in need in the Bahamas, and areas devastated by hurricanes Michael, Maria and even Irma,” shared Matt with Meals of Hope.

This year, each mac-n-cheese meal made with soy to provide protein, raw uncut noodles for energy and a cheese sauce infused with a vitamin blend for balanced nutrition will go far to resupply our local food stores. The event was held at the Sanibel Community House and was the second partnership between the Sanibel-Captiva Rotary Club and the Sanibel Congressional United Church of Christ, which shared the cost of the 25,000 meals.

The Sanibel Interact Club is sponsored by the San-Cap Rotary Club. The club challenges middle school students to look around their community, identify places of need, develop and implement ways to help all while developing into positive, proactive youth leaders. Then, challenges the students to identify and help those struggling with the same or similar issues somewhere out in the world making all kinds of valuable connections about our shrinking world and their important role in it.

A special thanks goes out to Edna Dykhuizen, Sanibel School teacher and mentor of this special group of students.

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