Sanibel Sea School Is Hiring

provided to The Santiva Chronicle

As the busy spring and summer season approaches, Sanibel Sea School is looking to fill two seasonal positions: a marine science educator and a customer service and retail coordinator. Both positions are full-time from February through August. Sanibel Sea School is part of the Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation (SCCF) family. The mission of SCCF is to protect and care for Southwest Florida’s coastal ecosystems. Reinforcing this organizational purpose is the well-articulated mission of Sanibel Sea School: to improve the ocean’s future, one person at a time.

The customer service and retail coordinator provides administrative support and will serve as a receptionist for Sanibel Sea school’s main campus. Administrative duties will include assisting clients with program questions and registration, answering phones, and responding to email inquiries. Retail responsibilities include ordering, selling, and receiving retail stock. Visit Sanibel Sea School’s website to see the full job description:

Seasonal educators will primarily teach day courses on a variety of marine science topics. Day courses are 3 hours long for ages 6 to 13 and field based. There will be opportunities to work with ages 4 to 6 in modified day courses. Educators ensure the safety of participants in a variety of outdoor settings and foster an appreciation for marine ecosystems and encourage students to practice good ocean stewardship. A bachelor’s degree with a background in marine biology, environmental education, biology, or a similar field is required. Visit Sanibel Sea School’s website to see the full job description:

Sanibel Sea School strives to offer exceptional customer service and education to every client. It is dedicated to the growth of students and is a strong believer in the value of experiential education in nature. Learning outdoors builds self-confidence, encourages trust, and ignites curiosity and wonder. The goal is simple: Through exploration and discovery, Sanibel Sea School helps children fall in love with the ocean and become lifelong advocates for the environment. Sanibel Sea School seeks individuals who are passionate about helping students learn, grow, and succeed while discovering the magic of the ocean. To apply for either position, send a résumé or curriculum vitae, cover letter, and three references to

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