Sanibel Sea School Offering Remote Education Opportunities

provided to Santiva Chronicle

The educators at Sanibel Sea School will be offering activities appropriate for social distancing like nature journaling.

Sanibel Sea School is ready to reach out and help the community. Children are out of school, parents are working from home, and local businesses have uncertain futures.

The education team at Sanibel Sea School is excited to announce the launch of Nature Near You on Monday, March 23. Nature Near You will include hands-on, experiential education that can be accessed remotely and designed for backyards anywhere. Sanibel Sea School hopes to engage kids with nature, and learn while they are away from school, and help lighten the burden of homeschooling parents.

Nature Near You will encourage backyard exploration, discovery, and include fun nature-based activities to do at home.

Doc Bruce Neill, Director of Education described this program. “We have always been a close-to-the-ground institution, that looks for super simple ways to help both kids and adults better understand the complexities of nature. This educational initiative is our staff running on their creativity and passion for nature and kids; they want to find ways to help our community and still remain sheltered at home. We are all immersed in nature; sometimes we overlook what is at the backdoor – this is our chance to help us all stop and take a look at the awe that surrounds us.”

“Our goal is to help parents that are working from home with science-based content that can keep kids engaged and also, to encourage kids to get out into nature,” said Education Manager Shannon Stainken. “The educators are excited to use social media, like Facebook Live and Instagram stories to do Creature Features and interactive lessons.”

Nature Near You include weekly activities and lessons that are emailed Monday, Wednesday, and Friday with a large range of topics.

“It is really great to see our team come together and work hard to fill a need within our community during a time of crisis,” said Operations Manager Nicole Finnicum. “We are hoping that parents will share this with their friends and family members, so that we can have a broad reach.”

Part of the SCCF (Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation) Family, Sanibel Sea School’s mission is to improve the ocean’s future, one person at a time.

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