SCCB Nominates Building For Local Register of Historical Landmarks

by SC Reporter Ariadna Ampudia

SCCB nominates its building at 1019 Periwinkle Way to be placed on the local register of historical landmarks. SC photo by Shannen Hayes

The Sanibel Historical Preservation Committee discussed potentially adding a building to the island’s local register of historic landmarks in its March meeting. The application was tabled until the committee’s April 7 meeting, when there will be a more thorough conversation among the members.

Sanibel Captiva Community Bank has nominated its recently purchased building for the historic landmarks list. SCCB is remodeling the yellow building at 1019 Periwinkle Way to become a larger home for its second branch presently at 1037 Periwinkle Way. John R. Wood Properties currently resides at 1019 Periwinkle and will continue to lease approximately half of the 5,200 square-feet building, SCCB said in an earlier statement.

Priscilla Murphy, namesake of the building, was a real estate agent on the island. She traveled from Detroit, Mich., in the 1940s and established Priscilla Murphy Realty in the 1950s, making it one of the first real estate brokerage firms on the island. Murphy resided in the northeast section before opening her office in the same building. Since then, additions have been built on the east and south sides of the structure.

Additions to the building on the south, left, and east, which is under renovation. SC photos by Shannen Hayes

The building is believed to have been built in 1955 or before, but the committee thought it could be possible the building was constructed in the 1940s, since Murphy lived in it prior to opening her business. Planning Supervisor Craig Chandler said the earliest record of the building obtained by the city was an elevation certificate dated in 1953.

Since the real estate industry is an “integral aspect of Sanibel and the PMR name is one of the first and longest-lasting real estate brokerages until its closure, the structure should be added to the registry of historic landmarks,” the nomination form states.

The following criteria for listing on the local register is outlined in the Land Development Code:

Historical Importance
Architectural Importance
Geographic Importance
Archaeological Importance

The building must meet three or more of the following criteria for historically significant structures as a historic landmark:

Improvement or structure has retained its integrity either in original execution, materials, design, setting or association; is at least 50 years old; has outstanding historical, cultural or architectural significance to the community; exemplifies the broad cultural, economic and social history of southwest Florida; or has distinguishing characteristics of an architectural style representative of a historic or unique period or method of construction.

HPC has 90 days from its March meeting to decide on recommending the building for the local historical register. If the committee recommends it, the application will move to the Sanibel Planning Commission then to City Council for a final decision.

Chandler said the committee will write a review and recommendation based on their conclusions and findings to support their decision before sending the nomination to planning commission.

Chair and Vice Chair Elections

Deborah Gleason and James “Clivie” Goodwin were unanimously elected chair and vice chair respectively. They will serve in those roles for one year.

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