SCCB Renovations Approved By Commission

by SC Reporter Wendy McMullen

Planning Commission votes to replace the roof of the historic Sanibel Captiva Community Bank building, 1019 Periwinkle Way, with a more resilient roof. SC file photo by Shannen Hayes

Long-term sustainability or historical accuracy? That was the question facing the Sanibel Planning Commission at their meeting May 9, as they discussed repairs to the historic Sanibel Captiva Community Bank building, 1019 Periwinkle Way.

The issue was whether to replace the roof with the V5 type metal roof that most closely resembled the original, or with the superior standing seam metal that lasts much longer.

The Sanibel Historical Preservation Committee had recommended the V5 metal because it’s most similar to the roof that was previously on the building. The standing seam roof, however, lasts longer than the V5..

“We’re all trying to build resiliently and here we have a chance to put a superior metal roof at a higher cost back on a historic building to save the building,” commented commissioner Eric Pfeifer. “So I’m definitely in favor of the more expensive roof.”

“Also, if you haven’t got your reinsurance bills, all of ours are going up and these insurance companies want standing seams,” he continued.

Representatives for the bank agreed with other changes suggested by the Historical Preservation Committee. One was retaining the window on the west side which the bank originally wanted to fill in because of security issues.

The Priscilla Murphy building, bought by the Sanibel Captiva Community Bank, was put on to the historic preservation register last year. As a result, each time repairs or renovations are needed they must be reviewed by the Historic Preservation Committee and approved by the planning commission.

Only the west side of building, in which SCCB is located, has been deemed historic. The eastern structure was built at a later date.

Priscilla Murphy was the first Realtor on Sanibel beginning her business in the 1950s.

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