SCCF Gives Policy Update; Bills On Hold

submitted by Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation

The Florida legislative session ended last month. Here’s what’s next. Normally, after the end of session the legislature delivers approved bills to the Governor for signature. Unfortunately, this year is anything but typical as the Governor’s office focuses on its Coronavirus response.

At the staff’s request, the legislature has not yet sent over the bills that passed for his signature. We are hearing that bills may not be presented until May or potentially June. Per statute, the Governor has 15 days to sign, veto or take no action on bills once they are presented to him after session has adjourned. If he takes no action the bill becomes law. Bills need to be acted on before the state fiscal year begins on July 1. All veto campaign efforts against bad bills are being held back at this time but will proceed once bills are forwarded to the Governor. SCCF’s Legislative Tracker has a link to the Governor’s bill actions page which shows when bills are presented to the Governor’s office and which bills have been signed into law so far.

We’ll update the SCCF legislative tracker with any new information as conditions change.

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