SCCF Shares Update on Damaged Snowy Plover Nest Enclosures

EDITOR’S NOTE: Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation Shorebird Biologist Audrey Albrecht shares an update on the Snowy Plover nest enclosure damage reported in the Sanibel Police Reports section of the Santiva Chronicle.

Earlier this month, two of the snowy plover nest enclosures on Sanibel were damaged. The first was accidentally run through by a cyclist riding high on the beach who apparently did not see the enclosure, despite the highly visible signs and bright orange flagging. A police report was filed. Thankfully, the nest was not damaged, and as of today ( 4/22 ) the nest is still being incubated.

A second police report was filed the following morning, after several posts were taken down on a second enclosure closer to the lighthouse. It is unclear who or what caused the damage in that instance, but thankfully no nests were damaged there either.

If you observe any violations such as people damaging or entering a protected bird enclosure, please call FWC at the number posted on all the signs 1-888-404-FWCC.

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