Self-Care During Pandemic Is Topic of Chamber Virtual Meeting

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Christin Collins

With a coronavirus vaccine still 18 months away, individuals must turn their attention to self-care to face the global pandemic. That was the message from Christin Collins, System Health and Wellness Strategic Business Partner for Lee Health, who spoke for the latest of Sanibel & Captiva Islands Chamber of Commerce virtual meetings on Wednesday, April 22.

“Your chamber has identified the fact that taking care of yourself, taking care of your mental wellness, your emotional wellness, as well as you financial wellness, can’t be understated,” said John Lai, chamber president and chief executive office, as he introduced Collins,. Her uplifting message has inspired thousands nationwide to connect with their purpose.

For her Wellness Wednesday meeting, the award-winning leader spoke about managing health and well-being while staying isolated, then answered member questions.

“The number one tip for self-care is that we are not going to go back to normal,” she said. “We have to think of what is happening now as our new normal. Quite frankly … I don’t know that we want to go back to normal,” she concluded, citing statistics about loneliness, work burn-out, and financial stress before the pandemic.

Collins invited meeting attendees to ask themselves how to take this forced opportunity to reevaluate themselves, their family, business, and community “to maybe support moving the needle on some of those statistics.”

Her recommended strategy was to assess what control one has over the situation and move forward with that, then let go of those pieces one cannot control.

“Part of self-care while self-distancing is to take that opportunity to reconnect, rejuvenate, heal, renourish,” said Collins. “Take time to get to know and like yourself.”

Tips for working from home included varying the daily routine, getting up from the computer every hour to rehydrate, schedule time for doing something pleasurable, take walks, vary exercise routines, treat yourself to a sit-down dinner, and shut down electronic devices an hour before retiring for the night.

If you stay healthy in mind and body, you need not live in fear of the coronavirus, she emphasized. Those without health complications will typically survive the virus.

“And as you reenter society, be mindful,” said Collins. “Start out seeing two friends at a time, without a lot of hugging or sharing.”

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