Sponsors, Fall Festival Volunteers Needed

provided to The Santiva Chronicle

The Community House is looking for sponsorships for Line Dancing classes taught by Marie DiRosa in the amount of $200 per month, and for their Aerobics with Mahnaz Bassiri classes in the amount of $1,500 (one month), or a portion there of for the weekly classes offered. Contact Allison at office@sanibelcommunityhouse.net if you are interested in sponsoring either of these programs.

The Community House is looking for volunteers to help with Fall Fest which will take place on Sunday, October 31st, 2021, from 4-6 pm. Fall Fest will be hosted as a drive-thru event.

Other Community House Announcements: 

Shell Critter Kits to Go available for purchase or to ship. Choose four out of thirteen critters for you to assemble. $20 per kit, shipping $8 additional.

Art Kit to Go available for purchase or to ship. Eight different postcards to color and Zentangle. Sharpie and educational video link included to inspire you. $20 per kit.

There are new products of mango chutneys, salsa, barbeque sauces, pickles, spicy jellies, and jams available for purchase. All proceeds from the kitchen go toward scholarships for the Culinary Education Center.

The Community House is following the current CDC guidelines.

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