Successful Seahorse Social Fundraiser: A Testament to Community Support

provided to The Santiva Chronicle
photos courtesy of Limor Nagy Photography 

The Sanibel School Parent Teacher Association is thrilled to announce the resounding success of our biggest fundraiser of the year, the Seahorse Social. Held on Saturday, Oct. 7 at the Heights Community Center, this event was made possible through the unwavering support of our parents, island community, and generous business sponsors.

As a small school, it relies on the collective effort and support of the community to provide the best educational experiences for our students. The Seahorse Social was a true testament to the unity and commitment of the Sanibel community.

Parents, families and teachers played a pivotal role in the success of the Seahorse Social, attending the event in large numbers and participating enthusiastically in raffles and auctions. Their dedication and involvement truly exemplify the strong bond that exists between our school and the families we serve.

Additionally, we extend our deepest gratitude to the local businesses and sponsors who generously contributed to the Seahorse Social. Their support not only helped us to reach our fundraising goals but also demonstrated their commitment to the education and well-being of our students.

The funds raised during the Seahorse Social will directly benefit each student in school programs, providing resources for educational materials, instruments, and enriching activities that enhance the overall learning experience for our students.

“We are incredibly grateful for the overwhelming support we received from our parents, island community, and business sponsors,” said Jen Dorning, President of the Sanibel School PTA. “Their contributions have made a significant impact on the success of our fundraiser and will have a lasting effect on the educational opportunities we can provide for our students.”

The Sanibel School PTA extends a heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of the Seahorse Social. It is through the collective efforts and unwavering support of our community that we can continue to nurture and empower our students to reach their full potential.

The Sanibel School PTA is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that supports school enrichment programs for all students. If you are an island business looking to donate or partner with The Sanibel School PTA, email

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