SURVEY: Gas Powered Leaf Blowers

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  1. I strongly support efforts to prohibit the use of fuel-powered leaf blowers on the island. This should apply to all users, commercial and private.
    Numerous studies have shown that fuel-powered leaf blowers’ low-frequency component creates a different acoustic quality as compared to battery leaf blowers. Low-frequency sound travels further, is audible over greater distances, transmits most easily through the windows and glass doors of homes, and is more audible inside the home. In other words fuel-powered leaf blowers have a greater noise impact on Sanibel Island‘s residents and visitors as compared to battery-powered blowers.

    Fuel-powered leaf blowers throw out a lot of pollution – incompatible with the island’s environmental image not speak about the occupational hazards our fellow citizens, the lawn service staff, are exposed to. 

    Sanibel Island is recognized as a leader in environmental issues in Florida and the US. It is also a premier vacation island. The incessant noise from the numerous mow, blow and go lawn services, also known as the “Sanibel Sound”, is one more detriment to vacation here. It adds up: red tide problems, traffic problems, noise problems. Sanibel needs quality tourism, without it we as permanent residents will loose many convenient services, not to speak about the diminished city’s tax base.

    I urge Sanibel City Council to prohibit the use of fuel-powered leaf blowers on Sanibel Island, keeping in mind an adequate transition period as well as enforcement issues. If our cost for garden services increases an bit, so be it. It’s a small price to pay.

  2. As President of the Beachview HOA I can tell you that the start time for leaf blowing is poorly adhered to and that the noise is constant all day long. This has been a year of “home improvement” projects (which is wonderful for an aging island) but the combination of all of the various noise elements from construction and landscaping has been overwhelming. There is little one can do about the lawn cutting machinery but elimination of the gas powered blowers would be a big improvement to those who live here full time as well as those visiting for a needed vacation respite. Perhaps a 3 month phase-in would allow most business owners to acquire replacement equipment.

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