Survey Results: Important Issues Influencing Your Vote

Santiva Chronicle’s recent election survey shows water quality was the number one issue that will influence islanders’ votes in the March 2 Sanibel City Council election. The second issue is the COVID-19 pandemic. Traffic, city budget and sea level rise are third, fourth and fifth respectively.

The survey also revealed a call for better city employee pay, retention and respect. Of the 66 responses in the “other” category, nearly half were related city employees. Additional responses made at least twice in the “other” category were:

• Adherence to the Sanibel Plan
• Government experience
• Home rule
• Future of the Sanibel Recreation Center
• Coyotes
• All environmental factors.

The following chart shows the full results of the survey:

Water Quality71%
COVID-19 Pandemic50%
Short-term Vacation Rental Regulations39%
City Budget32%
Sea Level Rise26%
Gas Powered Leaf Blowers23%
Single-use Plastics18%
Community Diversity10%

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