Talking Points to Discuss Benefits, Risks of AI

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“How Artificial Intelligence Will Shape your Future” is the Talking Points topic at 4 p.m. Tuesday, March 3 at the Strauss Theater. The featured speaker is Ian Sherr, Editor at Large at CNET, the world’s largest tech news site, and a division of CBS. He has covered technology for over a decade.

“There are a lot of benefits of Artificial Intelligence for us—we’ll get more free time, improved medical care and increased productivity. The biggest benefit of Artificial Intelligence is that a lot of problems due to human error will go away. For example, self-driving cars will reduce accidents. Automation will make our lives easier. Your groceries could be delivered automatically. You could have more free time with your family, and to do what you want to do instead of just going to work all the time. Advancement in Artificial Intelligence has been going on for some time. We are now at the inflection point. The more technology enters our world; the more our society will benefit. Artificial Intelligence will cause a lot of society’s ills to go away. But, it won’t all suddenly be perfect. There’s going to be a lot to work out about how it negatively impacts us too.

“Artificial Intelligence will be very disruptive It will have profound impact on society—how we live our daily lives, how we learn, and how we work. The big questions I have are: How do we handle these disruptions? How do we prepare for this? Artificial Intelligence is here to stay, so now the question is how do we answer the many questions it raises? For example, can individuals be retrained to take advantage of new jobs created by Artificial Intelligence? What happens to individuals who cannot be retrained? What if there are not enough jobs for everyone because the robots can do it all? What then is the answer universal income? We will have to decide what kinds of decisions we are comfortable with when it comes to Artificial Intelligence and which ones we are not.”

Tickets to the lecture on Artificial Intelligence are available for $20.00 each and includes a complimentary wine reception following the lecture. To get tickets visit or call 239-395-0900. You may also purchase tickets at the BIG ARTS box office at 900 Dunlop Road, Sanibel. Tickets will be sold beginning at 3 p.m., the evening of the lecture, at the Strauss Theater, 2200 Periwinkle Way, Sanibel.

Talking Points is sponsored by the Sanibel Captiva Trust Company.

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