Virtual Consumer Electronics Show Features COVID Related Solutions

by SC Associate Publisher Chuck Larsen

The Luft Duo

The Consumer Electronics Show, a worldwide exhibition for new consumer technology usually held each year in Las Vegas, went virtual this year due to the ongoing health pandemic and many of the designers concentrated on COVID-19 related solutions. While I was not able to roam the many aisles filled with hundreds of gadgets capturing my attention, I tuned in to the virtual show and bring you a few of them promising to make our air cleaner, plus a self-disinfecting door handle.

The Luft Duo
Billed as the first personal air purifier, the Taiwanese company LuftQI unveiled the Luft Duo. It has a washable filter and comes in seven colors. The Luft Duo can be used at home or in the car to purify the air we breath. It sells for $149 from

Clean Air Zone
A larger device designed for home or office installation, the Clean Air Zone is a biology-based air purification system. It uses bio air scrubbing as a solution to eliminate many odors and viruses including COVID-19. Described as using biotechnology capable of capturing 99.9 percent of contamination in the air, developers say the unit will cover 700 to 1,200 square feet. No pricing was available but it can be ordered from

Smallest Wearable Air Purifier
The Airvida is from Ible Technology and developed in Taiwan and Germany. It emits negative ion technology to create an invisible mask that shields against airborne particles including viruses. Worn around the neck, the 2 million negative ions per second is 100 times the concentration of negative ions found in nature. The ions cling to airborne particles, turning them into bigger and heavier chunks, which gravity sends quickly groundward. Developers say it’s 99.9 percent effective against viruses. It will come in three forms for men, women and children. No pricing was available at press time.

Short Wave Light Purifier
This device emits wavelengths too short to penetrate living cells in human skin or eyes, but using UVC disinfection light to neutralize pathogens on your workspace and personal airspace. Priced at $199, it will be available from Nsnonotech in middle 2021.

Self-Disinfecting Door Handle
They say 80 percent of infectious diseases are transmitted by hand contact. Clean Motion has designed a stainless door handle with built-in sanitizer. An automated brass ring allows surface disinfection through motion in under three seconds. No price or ordering information was available at show time.

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